To be premiered on February 4th, 2016, at Miller Theater in New York, NY.

Many scholars and scientists consider the impact of human behavior on the Earth’s atmosphere so remarkable as to warrant a new geological era. They call it: the Anthropocene.

Etudes from the Anthropocene is a collaboration with my brother, architect Adam Fure. In it we stage a series of human/non-human interactions that explore issues of agency, labor, cause, effect, and the rhythmic shifting from oblivion to panic that marks our collective reckoning with the Anthropocene. Matter in this piece is cast not as a passive, inert substance at the whim of human control but as an active, vital force with its own trajectories and transformations. Throughout the work, human and non-human forces tangle together, tune to each other and wrench away, in a play of push and pull, tension and release, construction and collapse.

Etudes from the Anthropocene is a distillation, in proscenium form, of a full-scale, immersive installation opera we are currently developing. That project, called The Force of Things: An Opera for Objects, will be premiered by ICE at the 2016 Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music.

We would like to thank Ross Karre, Levy Lorenzo, Ryan Muncy, Nicholas Houfek, and the rest of the incredible ICE organism for their insight, energy, and openness to this project. It has been a true and enduring collaboration and we cannot wait for more.