Busoni-Kompositionspreis 2015 
Aribert Reimann has been committed to the Busoni-Kompositionspreis (Busoni Composition Prize) to support young composers since 1988. The prize winner in 2015 is the American composer Ashley Fure, whose versatile works, developed from the laws of movement in sound, identify her as one of the most interesting artists of her generation.

The Kranichstein Music Prize
Ashley Fure ( Composition / USA ) and the ensemble Distractfold ( interpretation / UK ) received the " Kranichstein Music Prize " in 2014. Founded in 1952 Price is each assigned to a current composition and interpretation that an independent jury, consisting of the composer Hannes Seidel the music journalist Carolin Naujocks and accordionist Eva Zöllner, judged to be outstanding in terms of quality and importance. 2014 is endowed with 6,000 EUR prize money, which eliminates each half on the price of interpretation (ensemble or soloist) and the prize for composition of the prize.

impuls . International Composition Competition - Composers 2015
Thanks again to all composers, who have handed in their works, materials and concepts for the impuls Composition Competition back in 2012, which was an invited competition for international composers for the first time. They were nominated by 33 international representatives (composers, curators, journalists etc.), who were asked by impuls to name 3 composers each. At a final meeting in April 2013 a jury consisting both of composers and musicians (Pierluigi Billone, Markus Deuter, Lorelei Dowling, Clemens Gadenstätter) selected five composers out of about 60 applications eventually sent in from three continents:

  • Wojtek Blecharz (*1981, Poland)
  • Ashley Fure (*1982, USA)
  • Marco Momi (*1978, Italy)
  • Brigitta Muntendorf (*1982, Germany)
  • Davor Branimir Vincze (*1983, Croatia)