Commissioned by IRCAM for the 2014 Manifeste Festival in Paris, PLY is an evening-length electroacoustic ballet created with choreographer Yuval Pick and his 5-member company The Guests. A study of movement’s ability to modify space, sound is spatialized through a custom-built diffusion system made of vastly different speaker wattages — some massive and capable of saturating the space; others tiny enough to hold in the dancers’ palms. Throughout the work, dancers build-up and breakdown acoustic spaces, repositioning on-stage speakers to create new reflective zones. Ply explores a basic question of power: does dance follow music, or does music follow dance? Can we find an equilibrium between these poles where both inform each other? 

Choreographer: Yuval Pick; Musical Composition: Ashley Fure; Performers: Lazare Huet, Alexis Jestin, Madoka Kobayashi, Anna Massoni, Antoine Roux-Briffaud; Assistant: Sharon Eskenazi; Costumes: Magali Rizzo with Pierre-Yves Loup-Forest; Lights: Nicolas Boudier; Sound: Raphaël Guénot; IRCAM Computer Music Design: Manuel Poletti