In Veer, created with architect Adam Fure, swaths of cotton batting wrap a branching steel structure to create a soft, interior sleeve for a room. Participants navigate tunnels and alcoves, activating speakers and LEDs embedded in the material walls as they move. Sensors disaggregate the musical form into gestural components, linked to locations, that elide into dramatic phrases through movement. Sonic, visual, and proprioceptive cues align into fused, synesthetic emphases. Gradations in color and ceiling height are mapped to acoustic shifts in register, spectral density, and gestural shape. High blanched walls project soft white noise while cramped regions thick with color screech out multiphonics. In Veer, space and matter are charged with an expressive force let loose through movement. 

Ashely Fure: Sound and Interaction DesignAdam Fure: Architectural Design, Batting, Custom Steel Branching System, Pressure Sensors, LEDs, Speakers, Computer, and Control Software 

Veer was funded and exhibited by Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany.